We use a Web Application Firewall to protect both our data, and yours. Excessive failed logins or password reset requests trigger this application to temporarily lock the effected accounts. If you have trouble logging or requesting a password reset, please wait 15 minutes then request a password reset as your first step.

In our documentation we outline the steps to building an effective example project, along with instructions on submission and warnings.

Check out this article in our documentation for more information.

This is one of the potential errors you'll see if you forget to add the following public property to the session object:

GraffitiSuiteInstances as Dictionary

For more information, be sure to check out the Web Edition's Getting Started document available here.

No, we do not require registration codes. We work on the honor system, and trust our customers to make the right decisions. Besides, you don't need to put in a registration code to eat that loaf of bread you just bought...right? (If you read this and build a product on licensing bread with any sort of code requirement, we want a cut of the profits.)

Most of the time, yes. There are occasions, however, when adding user modifications to the codebase would not be beneficial or might be detrimental to other users. Submit your changes via the bug tracker for an evaluation.

Our go-to line around here is "When it's ready." That said, we're always working on something, even if you aren't aware of what. If you want a general idea of what our timeline looks like, you can check out the change logs in the documentation to see when each release was made available and the scope of those changes.

Certainly. This is a service we provide via CyphersTECH Consulting, and have completed many custom projects for customers. In the end, many of them elect to have the project added to GraffitiSuite after one year to help improve the quality and array of available components.

Sure thing. We charge an hourly rate for customer modifications, and will be happy to work with you.

Of course! If you are a student, school system, post-secondary institution, or technical school, use the Email contact form with your EDU email address. Let us know the approximate number of students/teachers who will be using the license per year, and your desired renewal period. If you're a student, just use your EDU email address. We'll request the information we need to verify that you are a student/instructor/professor, then we'll get started on a licensing scheme that works for everyone.

If you're not currently a member, send over the relevant information by using the Email contact form. If you are a current member, use the Feature Request category of the bug tracker.

We can't make any guarantees that there won't be any conflicts between our Web Edition classes and those from other developers. We put a great deal of work in to stability and conflict reduction, but we can't test every bit of code by every developer.

Nope. When you subscribe, you get the full source to all products. In fact, we leverage this often by adding step-by-step fixes to bug reports that'll help get you through until the next release! We just want you to have everything you need to build great applications.

If you purchased a product from GraffitiSuite in the past, before the Suite was sold as a package, we'll work with you to get you updated. Use the Email contact form, and we'll get started.

Head on over to the Account page! It's simple enough.

The best way to check yourself is to view the documentation. If this is a pre-sale question, please use our Email contact form. If you're already a member and can't determine whether that feature exists, head on over to the bug tracker and request it.

No! With GraffitiSuite there are no per-app or distribution fees for your binary applications. Your subscription is for updates. Your first payment covers the licensing fee and your first year of updates.

Head on over to the Getting Started article for Desktop Edition in our Documentation. There you'll see a step-by-step guide on adding a Desktop Edition class to your project.

Head on over to the Getting Started article for Web Edition in our Documentation. There you'll see a step-by-step guide on adding a Web Edition class to your project.

GraffitiSuite is only provided as a subscription service offered via PayPal unless you participate via Omega Bundle or purchase via the Xojo third-party store. If purchased through either of those venues, there is no automatic renewal as there is no PayPal subscription initiated. It is up to each user who purchases through those services to manage their payments, but the site is designed for PayPal integration as that's how 98% of users gain access to GraffitiSuite. In short, if you do nothing then your subscription will lapse on the expiration date and you will no longer have access to support or updates after that time.