GraffitiSyntaxEditor is a full featured code and text editor component with support for 34 themes, 142 languages (modes), and the following features:

    - Annotations
    - Breakpoints
    - Single-Line Comment Toggling
    - Block Comment Toggling
    - Built-In Find/Replace
    - Code Folding
    - Single or Multiple Line Indent
    - Print to HTML
    - Selection Modification (Duplication, Lowercase, Number alterations, Move, Split, Transpose by Line, Transpose Characters, Uppercase, By Word)
    - Built-In GoTo by Line Number
    - Undo Stack
    - Code Matching Highlight
    - Autocomplete
    - File Drop Loading
    - Visible Margins
    - Soft or Hard Tabs
    - Tab Size Setting
    - Optional Word Wrap