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KillerToolBar is a cross-platform toolbar for Xojo which is like no other - it uses a theme-based framework so that the toolbar may mimic the look of any toolbar on any operating system, including OS X, Windows XP, Linux KDE Desktop or any other theme or design you care to create. Furthermore, KillerToolBar requires no additional images to be present in your code as all the drawing is handled by the toolbar itself.


  • Multiple toolbars on a single window
  • Dark, Fudge, Apple, Windows, and KDE visual styles
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Embed Rect Controls such as a scrollbar, editfield etc when in either a horizontal or vertical view.
  • Supports Large Icons with Text, Small Icons with Text, Icons only, Text only etc.
  • Supports the Apple drag-move of icons, even in Windows and Linux (by holding the control key).
  • Provides a standard Xojo-style customize window.