Parts of the source code for many Web Edition controls are derived from pre-existing works, which are used in conjunction with the licenses for those works. The effective licenses for these preexisting works does not cover the created wrappers for the Xojo language, or non-derivative works, which are governed by the GraffitiSuite Source Code End-User License Agreement. Sources with multiple licensing are used under the most liberal of the licenses. As an example, if a source is dual licensed under MIT and one of the GPL variants -- and MIT is the most liberal allowing the sale of derivative works with the inclusion of the license -- then that source is used under the MIT license. Likewise with Apache over GPL variants.

JavaScript, CSS, HTML, or Xojo code written in the IDE for use with these derivative works is governed by the GraffitiSuite Source Code EULA.

Locate Licenses

Licenses governing the JavaScript and CSS components of GraffitiSuite products can be located in the following locations:

  • At the top of the JavaScript or CSS file
  • In the IDE in the Notes section of that particular class