Now, with GraffitiSuite, if you* submit a bug or support request and don’t receive a response within 48-hours, you’ll receive six-months of free updates!** ┬áThis is all part of our plan to increase interaction and provide better support for all of our customers!

* “you” refers to a currently subscribed customer with an account that has been paid in full for a time-frame which includes both the request and response. ┬áLIMITATIONS:
1. Users may not send an email, then subscribe before the 48-hour period ends to claim an additional six months upon failure to respond.
2. Users may not send a request for assistance before their subscription expires, with the 48-hour period encompassing or ending upon the user’s end-of-subscription date, and receive six-months free upon failure to respond.

** Void where prohibited

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