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We’re always working on new and exciting stuff for User Interfaces. We come up with plenty of solutions that will never see the light of day (as a part of GraffitiSuite, anyway) because it’s either so specific that it couldn’t be reused reliably, or we don’t have permission from the customer who commissioned us to create it. That said, we’ve got at least two new classes ready to be added to GraffitiSuite, and one more hopefully on the way!

We can’t wait to see how our users implement these new classes, as you guys always seem to surprise us with the many ways you can apply our work to your projects.

Now, without further adieu…



Continuing Our Anniversary

JOHNSON CITY, TN (September 18, 2013) Celebrating 10 years in business, CyphersTECH’s GraffitiSuite going on sale…again!

“In continuing the celebration of our anniversary,” said Anthony G. Cyphers, “we’re firing up another, deeper cut sale on GraffitiSuite. Now until October 20th customers can save 25% on annual subscriptions or renewals. We’re not done yet, there’s plenty coming in the next month, and we’re excited about what the next 10 years will bring.”

To take advantage of the 25% savings, lasting until October 20th, use the coupon code “ANNIV201325” when checking out.

GraffitiSuite consists of GraffitiAccordion, GraffitiActionBar, GraffitiButton, GraffitiColorPicker, GraffitiFadeLabel, GraffitiFadePanel, GraffitiHTMLLabel, GraffitiImageWell, GraffitiProgress, GraffitiPropertyList, GraffitiRadialProgress, GraffitiRibbon, GraffitiScrollContainer, GraffitiSearchCanvas, GraffitiSeparator, GraffitiSlider, GraffitiSlideshow, GraffitiSplitter, GraffitiStatus, GraffitiStepBar, GraffitiSwitch, GraffitiThumbList, GraffitiVBScript, and KillerToolBar. All subscription customers have access to the GraffitiSuite bug tracker, and, also, Source Code subscribers have access to priority bug fixes.

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