Release 15: Web Fixes and Desktop Modifications

Release 15 includes the launch of our Web Edition demo site! Simply go to to check out our Web Edition wrappers!

[FIX] GraffitiWebToggle now supports varying width and height. (Report ID: 1840)
[FIX] Removed calls to LogMessage function of pgeDemo from GraffitiWebGrid.UpdateOptions.
[FIX] GraffitiWebGrid now properly handles passed date objects regardless of locale.
[FIX] GraffitiWebGrid no longer throws exceptions on Slick not found when libraries load long before the control is shown or vice-versa.
[FIX] GraffitiWebEditor no longer throws exceptions on jqte not found when libraries load long before the control is shown or vice-versa.
[FIX] GraffitiWebSlideshow now uses images hosted at to avoid 404s.
[FIX] GraffitiWebColorPicker no longer throws exceptions on colorpicker not found when libraries load ling before the control is shown or vice-versa.
[FIX] GraffitiWebGrid now properly converts foreign dates for display. (Report ID: 1843)
[ADD] GraffitiSplitter now fires a Moving event when the control is being dragged. Note that this event is fired at a high rate (Thanks to Jim Lam for the suggestion).
[ADD] GraffitiSplitter now fires a Moved event when the mouse is released after a drag operation (Thanks to Jim Lam for the implementation)
[ADD] GraffitiScrollContiner now has a UpdateDictionary method for updating control positions and sizes in the dictionary when you have done so manually (Thanks to Jim Lam for the implementation).
[FIX] GraffitiScrollContainer now uses Control.Handle to track UI element position as opposed to name. This addresses issues with control arrays (Thanks to Jim Lam for the implementation).

Release 14: Relaunch and Web Edition Launch

JOHNSON CITY, TN (November 30, 2013) GraffitiSuite announces the release of GraffitiSuite Web Edition!

“This release is extraordinarily big for us,” according to Anthony G. Cyphers. “We’ve been planning this release for nearly two years, and now we’re ready to launch Web Edition. Over the next few months we plan to address a lot of bugs users may find, and add a lot of features not currently supported, but GraffitiSuiteWeb is ready for deployment now. We strove to include classes that Xojo developers really needed in their web applications, and we even came up with a new packaging and pricing scheme to go along with them. There’s never been a better time to become a GraffitiSuite subscriber.”

For a full overview of the changes in this release, please view the ChangeLog.

GraffitiSuite consists of many great classes for Desktop and Web development. All subscription customers have access to the GraffitiSuite bug tracker, and priority email support.

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