Upcoming Additions

Great news! In the next month or two, we have three new classes that are going to make their way in to GraffitiSuite! Here’s a few teaser images:




July 4th Sale

We’re kicking off our July 4th sale for 2014! From now until 7/4/2014 you can save up to 25% on GraffitiSuite Subscriptions! The savings are tiered to make all levels more affordable.

To take 25% off of our Ultimate package, which gives you lifetime support and updates for normally $899.95. Now, with 25% off, you save $224.98! Just use the code MY2014ULT while signing up.

Want a year of both Desktop and Web Editions? Go for our All Access package and both with one-year of updates for $249.95. With 15% off? $212.46! Code: MY2014AA

Only one of our target Editions (Desktop or Web)? Save 10% with MY2014WE for Web Edition or MY2014DE for Desktop Edition!

Release 16: Desktop/Web Fixes & New Classes

This release has been a long time in the making. We’ve worked out the major issues with our initial release of GraffitiSuite Web Edition, and even made some additions to assist in web app development. For desktop, we’ve fixed a few bugs that were introduced a little while back.

[FIX] DESKTOP: KillerToolBar now once again clears button hover states when mouse exits the control.
[FIX] DESKTOP: KillerToolBar buttons no longer have captions cut off when in "Labels Only" state.
[FIX] DESKTOP: KillerToolBar is now redrawn properly when customizing button order.
[FIX] DESKTOP: GraffitiAccordion control refresh slightly optimized in an attempt to reduce flicker when refreshing those controls on Windows.
[NEW] WEB: Added GraffitiWebFavIcon
[NEW] WEB: Added GraffitiWebSignature
[NEW] WEB: GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem now has a Tag as Variant property (Report ID: 1873).
[NEW] WEB: GraffitiWebAccordionNav now has a RemoveAll method (Report ID: 1875).
[NEW] WEB: GraffitiWebAccordionNav now has a AddChildToItem method (Report ID: 1874).
[NEW] WEB: GraffitiWebToggle now implements a Visible property (Report ID: 1877).
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebAccordionNav's Remove() method now properly updates the view.
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebEditor no longer fails with JS error "$ is not defined" due to setting Text property before class is shown.
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebEditor no longer throws OutOfBoundsException when Break On Exceptions is enabled and the field's text is empty.
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebEditor no longer supports resize.  This is a temporary adjustment until a more intuitive system can be established.
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebAlert no longer throws assertions when attempting to Alert on Page.Shown, instead, this call is ignored.  All calls should be made after the GraffitiWebAlert class is instantiated, not the page.
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebAccordion no longer improperly references GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem in the Item_Find and Item_Remove methods.
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebPopupMenu should now resize properly.
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebEditor should now resize properly.
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebEditor should no longer scroll off or change size inappropriately.
[FIX] WEB: GraffitiWebEditor no longer loses data assigned to the Text property in the IDE.
[FIX] WEB: All classes now load dependency scripts from files stored on the server [REQUIRES BUILD STEP].
[CHANGE] WEB: GraffitiWebPopupMenu's Items() array and UpdateOptions() method are now exposed to allow more manual control.

Release 16 Web Edition Progress

Due to some major flaws in our implementation of the new WebSDK for Web Edition, we’ve had to push back Release 16 a great distance from our originally intended date. We’re nearly ready to push it out, so here’s an update on what you can expect.

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