New Support Guarantee!

Now, with GraffitiSuite, if you* submit a bug or support request and don’t receive a response within 48-hours, you’ll receive six-months of free updates!**  This is all part of our plan to increase interaction and provide better support for all of our customers!

* “you” refers to a currently subscribed customer with an account that has been paid in full for a time-frame which includes both the request and response.  LIMITATIONS:
1. Users may not send an email, then subscribe before the 48-hour period ends to claim an additional six months upon failure to respond.
2. Users may not send a request for assistance before their subscription expires, with the 48-hour period encompassing or ending upon the user’s end-of-subscription date, and receive six-months free upon failure to respond.

** Void where prohibited

Calling All Customers!

Hello again!

This time around, we’re looking for reviews.  Good, bad, in-between, doesn’t matter!  Let us know what you love or hate about GraffitiSuite by visiting our new Reviews page.  Every review will be taken seriously, and we’ll contact you if we did something wrong and try to make it right.  Help us grow and take better care of our many customers.

Update on Rewrite Progress

Just a quick note to say that the heavy modifications to our Web Edition codebase are progressing as planned, and we hope for a release around the end of July.  Sometime shortly before then we will allow access to the beta package on this site.

Also, not long after the rewrite is released, we will be releasing an all-new GraffitiSuite site with a greater focus on satisfying customer needs.

Stay tuned!