New “Getting Started” Section

We’ve added a “Getting Started” section to our documentation, to help people get up and running quickly. This takes you from download to configuring Real Studio for using GraffitiSuite, and is available here.

Documentation Relaunch

After more than a month without documentation, we’ve updated everything and relaunched our documentation on the website. All new classes are now represented.

Birthday Sale

Anthony, the owner here at CyphersTECH Consulting, said that money makes as good of a present as any. Seeing as how his birthday is less than a week away, we’ve conspired to test that theory. How? We’re dropping prices on all packages by 40% when you buy directly from us! Now, how many of us will be able to conspire like this next year, I wonder…

Anyway, how do you get this awesome discount? Simply use the code “BDAY2012”! Also, this is the first coupon we’ve offered for both new and returning customers, so reactivate those accounts while prices are low!

Bug Tracker Unleashed

The forums architecture wasn’t working well for us, so we’ve gone with an alternate solution. Our new bug tracker is now available for your reporting pleasure.

New Pricing

JOHNSON CITY, TN (September 9, 2011) With an amazing growth since launch,’s subscription service prices have been drastically reduced.

According to Anthony G. Cyphers, owner of CyphersTECH Consulting: “It’s been four months since was unveiled, and we’re extremely pleased with how the community has responded. As a result of such amazing sales figures, we’re dropping prices across the board. A one-year encrypted subscription will now cost $159.95, as opposed to the previous price of $359.40, or a savings of 55.50%! What about a one-year source code subscription? We’ve dropped that price from $1,499.40 to $609.95! 59.32% savings! And we’re not done, either. Customers who paid for access to before September 6th, 2011 will be given an extra one-month of access, simply by contacting us and asking for it. Use it on your terms, when you need it. So, thank you once again to all of our customers and the entire Real Studio community.”

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CyphersTECH Consulting is a software and web development consulting firm based in Johnson City, TN. CyphersTECH offers custom local application development, Web Edition development, local and remote support, and a variety of design services.

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New Forums

We’ve just moved our forums over to a new package to increase usefulness for subscribers. One feature we are especially looking forward to is a new “Beta Testing” forum where our beta users can more easily acquire, and report and confirm defects on, upcoming releases. We will release more information on this as we prepare to implement it fully.