From Anthony: Animating Xojo, Part 3

In Part 1 we covered the basic history of animating in Xojo using pre-calculated chunks to modify the width of our component. In Part 2 we went a bit further by using linear interpolation(lerp) to calculate our current width at each step of the animation process, and setup for concurrent animation.

In this part we’ll be covering a few different things, chiefly concurrent animations. But that’s not all, as I’ve added a lerpColor function to show you how to animate color changes.

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From Anthony: Weather Animation

While Anthony Cyphers, the owner here at, was taking his holiday break, he put together a simple example. It’s a quick and dirty way to animate some snowfall on an image in Real Studio. It’s a nice read and an even better effect, and just might be helpful in a project for some of you. He also put together a simple example for rain, that he assures us will someday make its way to his blog as well.