Coming Soon for Desktop

So Anthony has been working really hard on a new class for Desktop, and it’s looking awesome! He’s looking back over years of customer emails, support tickets, and forums posts to try and create exactly what everyone wants…a GREAT grid control for desktop. Don’t believe me? Check this out…


Now, it’s not quite ready for release yet, but some more testers would be nice. If you have a current subscription to GraffitiSuite Desktop, just use the contact form on the GraffitiSuite home page to get involved! Break the class, suggest features, help Anthony make a truly awesome Xojo Desktop Grid.

Even more new features to make it the best yet…


GraffitiGrid now draws a fully populated list at full-screen in 0.002000000000000000050836482 seconds!

Calling All Customers!

Hello again!

This time around, we’re looking for reviews.  Good, bad, in-between, doesn’t matter!  Let us know what you love or hate about GraffitiSuite by visiting our new Reviews page.  Every review will be taken seriously, and we’ll contact you if we did something wrong and try to make it right.  Help us grow and take better care of our many customers.

Current Known Issues

There is an issue with the product downloads where there are some images missing. This will be rectified when we release for December (in just a few days).

The Demo application also exhibits an error on Windows that app.GDIPlus must be enabled. We’re not quite sure what caused this setting to revert to FALSE, but it will also be fixed for the next release.

New “Getting Started” Section

We’ve added a “Getting Started” section to our documentation, to help people get up and running quickly. This takes you from download to configuring Real Studio for using GraffitiSuite, and is available here.