What’s Next…

(Release 21 is a Web Edition only release, as there were no reported bugs or requested features for Desktop Edition since Release 20.)

Is that really what you want to know? Well, for release 21 we will not only be pushing out our stability rewrite…but…three all-new classes that are going to push your Web Apps even further! Oh, and we’ve deprecated the old DatePicker in favor of a new implementation that’s completely awesome. That brings this release to nine additions, and one fix.

The new classes are lacking some features that many of our other classes are missing, and we’ll be adding that as requested. As an example, WebStyle support. Many people seem to be perfectly happy using the styles we provide, so adding WebStyle support isn’t usually a priority (especially when you have full access to the CSS in the class’s source code); we take care of that when you need it. Our turn-around is generally quick on things like that, but some classes will require a considerable amount of work for WebStyle support. In some cases we have to completely refactor a component to get that support in.

Release 21 is very near now. We’re looking at a few other prototypes to see if they’re ready for this release, then we’ll do final testing and push it out.

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Web Rewrite in the Works

After many fixes aimed at increasing the stability of our Web Edition controls over the past year, and the resulting recurring issues, we are going to be making major changes to the Web Edition classes. At a future date, we will be releasing a near rewrite of all Web Edition classes using the latest WebSDK. This version should be fully backwards compatible with your projects (not necessarily with previous versions of Xojo).

As of now, only one customer has continued to experience issues with the current release, and we will release a quick patch before the next release if it becomes necessary. If you do experience continuing problems with the latest release, please report them in the bug tracker so that we may ensure that they are addressed.

Thank you for choosing GraffitiSuite.

Release 20 Coming Soon

Release 20 is coming along nicely, so how about an update of what’s included?

GraffitiSuite Web Edition is the primary focus of this release, with nearly 50 changes in so far. Of those, 5 are completely new products, 4 are added functionality, and 36 are bug fixes. Special attention has been paid to dialogs and resizing in this release, so we’ve rewritten the WebPage of the demo to add the ability to test that functionality.

GraffitiSuite Desktop Edition will also see some love in this release with a fix for Scaling Factor on non-Cocoa targets (we now actually get a scaling factor on Windows, as well). You’ll also see a new addition in this release that has actually been worked on periodically for the last few years.

We have no set release date, but we’re working to get it ready as fast as we can since it includes some compatibility fixes for Xojo Web 2014r3.1

Release 19 coming soon.

We have identified an issue with our new conflict resolution code in the classes. We’ve already begun fixing the issue, and hope to have this release out fairly soon. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We should note, however, that many of you may never see an issue with Release 18, as it appears to be a small subset of users who experience this.

In The Works: Biggest Update Ever

It has taken a great deal of work, but GraffitiSuite release 18 is nearly ready, and it’s a beast! It will contain four or more new products, vastly improved Retina support on the desktop side, rock-solid jQuery implementation on the web side, a completely reworked GraffitiWebColorPicker, and a great deal of fixes and changes.

We may decide to run a sale for this release. If so, those details will be forthcoming.

Upcoming Additions

Great news! In the next month or two, we have three new classes that are going to make their way in to GraffitiSuite! Here’s a few teaser images:




Release 16 Web Edition Progress

Due to some major flaws in our implementation of the new WebSDK for Web Edition, we’ve had to push back Release 16 a great distance from our originally intended date. We’re nearly ready to push it out, so here’s an update on what you can expect.

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Coming Soon…

We’re always working on new and exciting stuff for User Interfaces. We come up with plenty of solutions that will never see the light of day (as a part of GraffitiSuite, anyway) because it’s either so specific that it couldn’t be reused reliably, or we don’t have permission from the customer who commissioned us to create it. That said, we’ve got at least two new classes ready to be added to GraffitiSuite, and one more hopefully on the way!

We can’t wait to see how our users implement these new classes, as you guys always seem to surprise us with the many ways you can apply our work to your projects.

Now, without further adieu…



Current Known Issues

There is an issue with the product downloads where there are some images missing. This will be rectified when we release for December (in just a few days).

The Demo application also exhibits an error on Windows that app.GDIPlus must be enabled. We’re not quite sure what caused this setting to revert to FALSE, but it will also be fixed for the next release.

Great Things Coming

Not only are we hard at work creating new components to make your user interfaces sizzle, but we’re also going to give you a chance to win a 6-month encrypted subscription to GraffitiSuite.com!
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