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Date Released

Final Release: August 13, 2018


Type Change
FIX GraffitiAccordion now properly refreshes (or not) panels for 2018r2.
FIX GraffitiButton text and icons no longer draw blurry.
FIX GraffitiSyntaxEditor no longer adds empty lines between lines of code on Windows.
FIX GraffitiTabBar once again honors class and tab disabled states when drawing.
NOTE Demo warnings about HighDPI being unsupported for HTMLViewer-based components now only show on Xojo versions < 2018.02


Type Change
ADD GraffitiWebQR now has an ImageAvailable method and Image property which allows you to get a Xojo picture object of the QR code.
ADD GraffitiWebTooltip now has a ShowOnMethod constant that will cause the tooltip to only be shown/hidden when the Show/Hide methods are called.
FIX GraffitiWebGrid's CellDoubleClick event now returns the proper column.
NOTE Read-Only ID properties now throw an exception when you attempt to set their value.