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Date Released

Final: February 13, 2019


Type Change
ADD GraffitiThumbList now has a number of additional functionality support methods.
FIX GraffitiThumbList's AddDirectory method no longer loads one fewer image in a directory than is actually present.
FIX GraffitiThumbList now invalidates on all properties, rather than just a few.
FIX GraffitiThumbList now exposes the Open event.


Type Change
ADD GraffitiWebLabel now supports internal links in the format <a id=“UniqueInternalLinkID” href=“#”>Link Text</a> with the new event LinkClick.
FIX GraffitiWebAnimator now properly buffers commands that were called before it was ready, and executes them appropriately.
FIX GraffitiWebDatePicker should no longer intermittently throw a Javascript exception on new sessions.
FIX GraffitiWebGrid no longer uses a too high value for line-height in header cells.
FIX GraffitiHTMLEditor now properly buffers script executions.
FIX GraffitiWebLabel's SelectionChange event now only fires if the new selection is different than the previous selection.
NOTE Removed some left over debugging code.
NOTE Rolling back changes that removed the requirement for Session.GraffitiSuiteInstances. Shared properties on the classes don't appear to be entirely dependable across sessions for WebFiles.