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Date Released

Final: March 7, 2019


Type Change
ADD GraffitiSyntaxEditor now has a AutoMatching as Boolean property. When True it will automatically generate matching special characters or tags when typed.
ADD GraffitiSyntaxEditor now has a DisplayIndentGuides as Boolean property.
ADD GraffitiSyntaxEditor now has a UseSoftTabs as Boolean property.


Type Change
ADD GraffitiWebTooltip now has a HideAll method.
ADD GraffitiWebTooltip now has a ShowAll method.
FIX GraffitiWebCalendar can no longer enter an error state whereby all WebTextFields stop responding to click events in extremely rare conditions.
FIX GraffitiWebContextMenu once again properly positions menus attached to WebControls that would display the entire menu outside the viewport.
FIX GraffitiWebGrid no longer inappropriately adds nodes for tree functionality to row cells that don't need them.
FIX GraffitiWebGrid header cells once again honor setting text-align: center via WebStyles.
FIX GraffitiWebGrid no longer applies Bootstrap default styles regardless of what's set in the Style property.
FIX GraffitiWebSidebars will no longer migrate to the body tag. Despite removing themselves, there appears to be an issue where they could cause a memory leak under certain circumstances.
REM Legacy Bootstrap resources
REM Legacy FontAwesome resources