Release Information

Platform Version Release Date
All R36 January 21, 2021

Special Note

This is the first release that does not contain changes for Web 1.0 per The Future of Web 1.0.


Type Change
NEW GraffitiTimeline
ADDED GraffitiHTMLEditor now supports Line Height at the block level. (14877)
ADDED GraffitiDateTimePicker has a new DaysOfWeek enumeration.
ADDED GraffitiDateTimePicker has a new FirstDayOfWeek as DaysOfWeek property.
ADDED GraffitiHTMLEditor has a new SelLineHeight as Double property that accepts EM-formatted values, such as “1.0em”. (14877)
ADDED GraffitiHTMLEditor's EditorDefaults event has a new byRef lineHeight as Double parameter for specifying the default line height. (14877)
ADDED GraffitiHTMLEditor's InsertImage has a new optional parameter: hasAlt as Boolean = False. When True, will add the ALT attribute to the image tag regardless of altText content. (14873)
ADDED GraffitiHTMLEditor's FontsInitialize event now has an allowedLineHeights() as Double parameter for supplying additional line heights in double format, IE: “1.3” for 1.3em or “2” for 2.0em. (14877)
ADDED GraffitiTreeView now supports Ctrl/Cmd+A for Select All. (14901)
FIXED GraffitiAccordion can no longer enter a state where panels will be improperly positioned vertically due to interaction during animation. (14932)
FIXED GraffitiAccordion animation should look a bit better when collapsing panels. (14932)
FIXED GraffitiHTMLEditor once again returns the correct value for SelFont in all cases. (14877)
FIXED GraffitiHTMLEditor once again returns the correct value for SelTextSize in all cases. (14877)
FIXED GraffitiHTMLEditor.SelStart now functions properly in 2020R2.1. (14915)
FIXED GraffitiHTMLEditor.SelLength now functions properly in 2020R2.1. (14915)
FIXED GraffitiTreeView's extended selection using modifier keys now operates more reliably on all platforms. (14901)
FIXED GraffitiWall animation once again functions as expected.


Type Change
NEW GraffitiKanban
ADDED GraffitiGridColumn has a new ContextMenu as GraffitiMenuItem property. GraffitiMenuItems should have already been added using AddMenu of a GraffitiMenu item in order to function. Right-clicking a cell in the specified column will set that cell to the current selection then display the menu. Menu handler code should check current selection of the GraffitiGrid instance when performing operations.
CHANGED GraffitiGrid.toCSV has two new optional parameters: columnSeparator as String = “,”, rowSeparator as String = “”. An empty rowSeparator value will default to EndOfLine.UNIX.