Name Values

This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value

This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
Click() as Boolean Fired when the user clicks on the control. Return True to cancel color selection.
ColorChange() Fired when the user selects a new color.


Definition Description

This class does not expose any methods.


Name Type Default Value Description
Brightness Integer 255 Determines the visibility of the glare overlay.
ColorValue Color &c000000 The current color value.
HexValue String #000000 The current Hex value.
InnerBorderColor Color &c000000 The inner border color of the class.
OuterBorderColor Color &c000000 The color on the outermost bounds of the class.
RealTime Boolean True When True, the selector dialog will immediately update its parent component.
ShowGlare Boolean False Determines whether the glare overlay will be drawn on the control.
ShowInnerBorder Boolean False Sets the visibility of the inner border.
ShowOuterBorder Boolean False Sets the visibility of the outer border.


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