These classes are drop-in replacements for the default Xojo components.



Immersive as Boolean = True
This property controls whether the color values will be modified to match the current system theme.

Applies to:

  • GraffitiImmersiveLabel
  • GraffitiImmersiveTextArea
  • GraffitiImmersiveTextField


This event is raised on load and when the user changes the system theme. Applies to Windows and macOS.

Applies to:

  • GraffitiImmersiveCanvas
  • GraffitiImmersiveWindow

How to Implement

Simply change the super of the default Xojo component instance to the matching GraffitiImmersive class name.


If you see the following error, you need to either change your App object's Super to GraffitiImmersiveApp or remove the GraffitiImmersiveApp class from your project. This class can be found in the IDE's navigator at GraffitiSuite > gsImmersive > GraffitiImmersiveApp

You may only have one direct application subclass in a project at the same time