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NoteTypes Information


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
Click( X as Integer, Y as Integer ) Fired when the user clicks the note.
CloseClick() As Boolean Fires when the user clicks the close button. Returning True will cancel the built-in animation.
HeightChanged() If the AutoHeight property is set to true, this event will fire when the height has changed to fit the contents.


Definition Description
This class exposes no methods.


Name Type Default Value Description
AutoHeight Boolean False If True, the control will resize to fit the contents.
BackgroundColor Color &c000000 Color used to draw the background when Type is set to NoteTypes.Custom
BarColor Color &c000000 Color used to draw the decorative bar when Type is set to NoteTypes.Custom
BarSize Integer 10 Size of the decorative bar when Style other than NoteStyles.NoBar
BorderSize Integer 1 Size of the border drawn around the outter edge of the control, color is taken from BarColor.
CloseButton Boolean False If True, will show a close button in the display which animates resizing the height to 0.
Compact Boolean True If False, the title will be positioned on its own line with the content below.
Content String “” The content of the note.
ContentBold Boolean False The weight of the font used for the Content.
ContentFont String “System” The font used in drawing the Content.
ContentItalic Boolean False If True, the content will be drawn italicized.
ContentSize Integer 0 Size applied to the font for drawing Content.
ContentUnderline Boolean False If True, the content will have an underline.
Margin Integer 10 Outside margin used for drawing Title and Content. If Compact = False, then the left margin of content = Margin*2
MaxHeight Integer 10000 Sets a maximum height for the control to display. Added to fix a crash when the height of the component would exceed acceptable limits.
Style NoteStyles NoteStyles.BarLeft Position of the decorative bar in the display.
Title String “Untitled” Title of the note.
TitleBold Boolean True Font weight of Title.
TitleColor Color &c000000 Color applied to Title when Type = NoteTypes.Custom.
TitleFont String “System” Font applied to Title
TitleItalic Boolean False If true, Title will be drawn italicized.
TitleSize Integer 0 Font size of Title.
TitleUnderline Boolean False If true, Title will be underlined.
Type NoteTypes NoteTypes.Information The drawing style of the note.


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