Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
kModeLine Integer 0
kModeWord Integer 1


Definition Description
ClearClicked() as Boolean Return True to handle when the user clicks the clear icon, otherwise a default action will be taken.
DoSearch( SearchFor as String ) Perform a search for SearchFor.


Definition Description
This class does not expose any methods.


Name Type Default Value Description
AntiAlias Boolean True Sets whether the class is drawn antialiased.
AutoComplete Boolean False Determines whether the class will use the AutoCompleteValues to prompt with possible answers.
AutoCompleteMode Integer kModeLine Sets how the AutoComplete functions.
AutoCompleteValues() String Nil The values to use for AutoComplete functionality.
Field RectControl Nil The TextField to “commandeer” for search functionality. GraffitiSearchCanvas automatically uses AddHandler to implement all functionality.
ShowClearButton Boolean True Determines whether the x button is visible in the display.
ShowMagnifyingGlass Boolean True Determines whether the magnifying glass icon is visible in the display.


Do not implement the KeyDown or TextChanged events of the TextField that you couple with GraffitiSearchCanvas. GraffitiSearchCanvas automatically handles those events for its functionality.