Name Values
Styles IndieDark = 0
Softer = 1
AquaRound = 2
GraphiteRound = 3
AquaPoint = 4
GraphitePoint = 5
LightHandles = 6
ModernDark = 7
BlueSky = 8
Types Single = 0
Range = 1


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
ValueChange() Triggered when the user has changed the value.


Definition Description
StyleCount() as Integer Returns a count (Ubound + 1) of all available styles.
StyleName( intIndex as Integer ) as String Returns the name of a given style.


Name Type Default Value Description
LargeChange Integer 20 Value to increase/decrease when the user clicks on the slider track.
Maximum Integer 100 Maximum slider value.
Minimum Integer 0 Minimum slider value.
ShowValueInTooltip Boolean False Displays the current value in the control's HelpTag and updates in real-time.
SliderBGColor Color &c000000 Background color of the slider knob.
SliderBorderColor Color &c000000 Border color of the slider knob.
SmallChange Integer 1 Amount to increase/decrease value on small changes.
Style Styles GraffitiSlider.Styles.IndieDark The current drawing style of the slider.
TrackBGColor Color &c000000 Background color of the slider track.
TrackBorderColor Color &c000000 Border color of the slider track.
Type Types GraffitiSlider.Types.Single The type of slider this is, Single or Ranged values.
UseDefaultColors Boolean True Use the colors corresponding to the styles, rather than those set in properties when True.
Value Integer 0 The current slider value (when Type = Types.Single).
ValueHigh Integer 0 The current high value (when Type = Types.Range).
ValueLow Integer 0 The current low value (when Type = Types.Range).


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