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This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
HeightChanged( OldHeight as Integer ) If AdaptiveHeight is True, this will fire when the height changes programmatically.
SearchFailed( SearchText as String ) Raised when the search for the user-supplied string fails.
SelectionChanged() Fires when an item is selected and displayed in the primary class UI.
TagAdded( newTag as GraffitiTagFieldItem ) Fires when a tag is added, so you can keep up with items that the user adds.
TagHover( HoverItem as GraffitiTagFieldItem ) Raised when the mouse is over a tag in the primary class UI.
TagRemoved( RemovedTag as GraffitiTagFieldItem ) Raised when the user removes a tag.


Definition Description
AddItem( newItem as GraffitiTagFieldItem, RefreshNow as Boolean = True ) Used to add a tag to the Items() array. RefreshNow should be false if you plan to add a large number of items at once (IE: during load).
FindItem( ItemText as String ) as Integer Returns the index of the item with ItemText in the Items() array.
RemoveItem( ItemIndex as Integer ) Removes item at ItemIndex from Items().
SetSearchField( mySearchField as TextField ) As part of the initial setup, binds the GraffitiWebTagField canvas to a TextField.


Name Type Default Value Description
AdaptiveHeight Boolean False If true, the control will automatically resize vertically as the user adds more and more tags.
BackColor Color &cFFFFFF The background color of the field and canvas.
BorderColor Color &cCCCCCC The border color of the canvas.
BorderRadius Integer 0 The radius of the border corners.
CloseIconColor Color &cDDDDDD44 The color used to draw the close icon for the tags in the canvas.
ExactMatchesOnly Boolean False If True, searches will only show those items that exactly match the search string.
ItemBorderRadius Integer 0 The border radius for tags in the canvas.
Items() GraffitiTagFieldItem Nil The array of GraffitiTagFieldItems that the class uses.
ItemBackColor Color False The color used for the list.
ItemBorderColor Color False The border color.
ItemTextBold Boolean False Determines whether tags drawn in the canvas have bold text.
ItemTextColor Color False The text color.
ItemTextFont String “System” The font face used for tags.
ItemTextItalic Boolean False Determines whether tags drawn in the canvas have italic text.
ItemTextSize Integer 0 Sets the text size of tags drawn in the canvas.
ItemTextUnderline Boolean False Determines whether tags drawn in the canvas have underlined text.
MinimumHeight Integer 25 The MinimumHeight is used to keep the TagField from reducing its height so far that it becomes unusable.
SearchField TextField Nil The TextField that the TagField canvas is bound to.
SearchThreshold Integer 1 The number of characters before a search operation is carried out.


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