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Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
StateIdle Integer 0
StatePreparingScript Integer 1
StateRunning Integer 2
StateError Integer 3
StateStopped Integer 4


Definition Description
Done( Error as GraffitiVBScriptError ) Fired when the operation is complete. Error contains an instance of any GraffitiVBScript which represents any errors which were returned from the operation.
StateChange() Fired when the running state of the class has changed, allowing users to show status of the operation.


Definition Description
Run() Starts the thread and operation.


Name Type Default Value Description
Arguments() String Nil Array of custom arguments to be passed in to the script before running.
IsRunning Boolean False Returns whether the thread is currently active.
Result String “” The output from the script after the operation is complete.
Source String “” The input script to be run.
State Integer “” Returns the current running state of the class.
Timeout Integer “” Sets the running timeout for the script. Value cannot be greater than 32767, or less than 0.


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