GraffitiListbox is a drop-in replacement for the Xojo Listbox. Only extended functionality will be documented here.


Name Values
HoverEffects System


Name Type Value

This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
ColumnResized(column as Integer) Raised when a column resize operation has completed.
ColumnResizing(column as Integer) Raised during a column resize operation.
HeaderMenuAction(column as Integer, parentMenu as MenuItem, hitItem as MenuItem) Raised when the user clicks a column header's menu item.
HeaderPressed(Column as Integer, IsContextualClick as Boolean) As Boolean Raised when the user clicks a column header.


Definition Description
CellBounds(Row as Integer, Column as Integer) as Realbasic.Rect Returns the current relative coordinates of the specified column.
HeaderMenu(index as Integer) as MenuItem Returns the menu assigned to the supplied header column index.
HeaderMenu(index as Integer, assigns menuVal as MenuItem) Assigns a menu to the specified header.
Heading(index as Integer) as String Returns the current text assigned to the column header at the specified index.
Heading(index as Integer, assigns newValue as String) Assigns newValue to the column header specified by index.


Name Type Default Value Description
HoverEffect HoverEffects System When set to System, the hover effects for list rows and column headers will use the system default setup. For macOS hover effects are disabled by default, for others they are on by default.
IsHorizontalScrollVisible Boolean False Returns whether the horizontal scrollbar is currently visible.
IsVerticalScrollVisible Boolean False Returns whether the vertical scrollbar is currently visible.
ListIndexHover Integer -1 Current row index that the mouse is over.


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