GraffitiPopupMenu is a drop-in replacement for the Xojo PopupMenu. Only extended functionality will be documented here.


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Definition Description
CellBackgroundPaint(g as Graphics, row as Integer, column as Integer) As Boolean Raised when the cell is being drawn.
Change() Raised when the user makes a selection.
KeyDown(Key as String) As Boolean Raised when the user presses a key on their keyboard while the component has focus.
ShowMenu() Raised when the menu is shown.
ValuePaint(g as Graphics, byRef bounds as REALbasic.Rect) As Boolean Raised when drawing the value in the primary display area.


Definition Description
Heading(index as Integer) as String Returns the current text assigned to the column header at the specified index.
Heading(index as Integer, assigns newValue as String) Assigns newValue to the column header specified by index.
PopUp() Shows the menu.


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