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Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
kChildReadOnly Integer 0
kChildSingleLine Integer 1
kChildLongText Integer 2
kChildColor Integer 3
kChildSelectFile Integer 4
kChildSelectFolder Integer 5
kChildBoolean Integer 6
kChildInteger Integer 7
kChildPopup Integer 8
kChildPicture Integer 9
kChildList Integer 10
kChildPassword Integer 11
kChildCustom Integer 12


Definition Description
ShowMenu() as MenuItem Called when a user clicks the disclosure triangle on popup values. Displays that child’s popup menu and handles returned values.


Definition Description
Constructor( ItemName as String, ItemValue as String, ItemType as Integer ) Creates an instance of the class with the parametes as property values.


Name Type Default Value Description
EditorFormat String “” Applies the specified format string to the value when Type = kChildSingleLine.
EditorMask String “” Applies the specified mask string to the value when Type = kChildSingleLine.
ListItems() String Sets the ListItems to be displayed for children with a type of kChildPopup.
Name String The name of the object set in the constructor. Can be used a reference point for searching through the array of children of a PropertyListHeader
Type Integer The type of value this child contains.
Value String The current string value of the child.
ValueBoolean Boolean The current boolean value of the child.
ValueColor Color The current color value of the child.
ValueInteger Integer The current integer value of the child.
ValuePicture Picture The current picture value of the child.


Dim h as new PropertyListHeader( “Test”, GraffitiPropertyList1 )
h.Children.Append( new PropertyListChild( “Normal”, “Nil”, PropertyListChild.kChildReadOnly ) )
h.Children.Append( new PropertyListChild( “Color”, “#000000″, PropertyListChild.kChildColor ) )
h.Children.Append( new PropertyListChild(Integer”, “0”, PropertyListChild.kChildInteger ) )
h.Children.Append( new PropertyListChild( “Long Text”, “This is long text” + EndOfLine + “Just a test, of course”, PropertyListChild.kChildLongText ) )
h.Children.Append( new PropertyListChild(Select File”, SpecialFolder.Documents.Item(1).AbsolutePath, PropertyListChild.kChildSelectFile ) )
h.Children.Append( new PropertyListChild(Select Folder”, SpecialFolder.Documents.AbsolutePath, PropertyListChild.kChildSelectFolder ) )
h.Children.Append( new PropertyListChild(Single Line”, “This is single line text”, PropertyListChild.kChildSingleLine ) )
h.Children.Append( new PropertyListChild(Boolean”, “False”, PropertyListChild.kChildBoolean ) )
h.Children.Append( new PropertyListChild( “Picture”, “”, PropertyListChild.kChildPicture ) )
dim newChild as PropertyListChild = new PropertyListChild( “PopupMenu”, “Red”, PropertyListChild.kChildPopup )
newChild.ListItems.Append( “Red” )
newChild.ListItems.Append( “Blue” )
newChild.ListItems.Append( “Green” )
h.Children.Append( newChild )