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 ==== Notes ==== ==== Notes ====
-This class currently has no notes.+=== The Field === 
 +GraffitiFieldLabel provides a unified label and value experienceIn order to accomplish this, you must add the desired UI control to the layout for the Field property. For instance, if you want to use a TextField, add a TextField to the layout where your GraffitiFieldLabel instance exists. We'll name this TextField ''fieldName''. Then, in the ''Open'' event of the GraffitiFieldLabel instance, we'll set the ''Field'' property: 
 +<code xojo>me.Field = fieldName</code> 
 +From there, the GraffitiFieldLabel instance will manage the dimensions and position of the TextField, and you can implement the events of ''fieldName'' as you normally would. 
 +Nearly any UI component can be used for the Field property. In the demo you can see the use of the following: 
 +  * TextField 
 +  * CheckBox 
 +  * PopupMenu 
 +  * Listbox 
 +  * ContainerControl