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This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
ItemSelected() Fired when a new item is selected.


Definition Description
AddDirectory( fDirectory as FolderItem, IncludeSubDirs as Boolean = False Adds a directory to the Items array. To get pictures from only the top-level directory, omit IncludeSubDirs or set to False.


Name Type Default Value Description
BGColor Color &c000000 Determines the background color of the control.
BGImage Picture Nil Allows the setting of a background image (as a tiled pattern) to the ThumbList control.
BorderColor Color &c000000 Determines the color of the control’s border.
BorderRadius Integer 0 Sets the radius of the border’s corners.
HasBackColor Boolean False Determines whether the control draws a background color.
HasBorder Boolean False Determines whether the control displays a border.
SelectedItem Integer -1 Returns or sets the currently selected item index.
SelectedItemBorderRadius Integer 0 Sets the border radius of selected items.
SelItemOverlay Color &c000000 Determines the color to overlay on selected items.
ShowNameInToolTip Boolean False Sets whether the class will use a tooltip to display the name of the image that the mouse is over.
ThumbSize Integer 32 Determines the size (width and height) of each image drawn within the control.


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