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 +To upgrade GraffitiSuite in your projects, please follow these steps:
 +  - Download the latest version of GraffitiSuite from the [[https://graffitisuite.com/downloads/|Downloads]] page.
 +  - Open the project you wish to update.
 +  - Select the App object in your project.
 +  - Save and close your project.
 +  - Reopen your project.
 +  - Delete the **GraffitiSuite** folder from your project (or the GraffitiSuite classes you've added elsewhere).
 +  - From the extracted download, open the demo project.
 +  - In the demo project, copy the **GraffitiSuite** folder.
 +  - In your project, paste the previously copied **GraffitiSuite** folder.
 +  - Save the project and close.
 +  - Reopen the project.