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Name Values

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Name Type Value
ScrollAlwaysVisible Number 1
ScrollAutoHide Number 0
ScrollHidden Number 2


Definition Description
PositioningComplete() Raised when the Wall has finished moving containers either following the Open(ing) or when resized.


Definition Description
AddItem(newPanel as ContainerControl, embed as Boolean = True) Adds a new Container to the wall.
InsertItem(atIndex as Integer, newPanel as ContainerControl, embed as Boolean = True) Inserts a Container at the specified position.
Item(atIndex as Integer) as ContainerControl Returns the ContainerControl as the specified index.
ItemCount() as Integer Returns the total number of Containers added to the Wall.
RemoveAll() Removes all Containers from the Wall. Does not destroy instances.
RemoveItem(atIndex as Integer) Removes the specified item from the Wall. Does not destroy instances.


Name Type Default Value Description
Animated Boolean True When True, item positioning will be animated linearly.
ColumnCount Integer -1 A value of -1 will cause the wall to full the display with the maximum number of columns. Anything above 0 will use that many static columns. Column width is equal to the smallest width Container in the display.
GutterHeight Integer 10 Vertical distance between Containers.
GutterWidth Integer 10 Horizontal distance between Containers.
MinColumns Integer 2 The minimum number of columns that the Wall will use. Helpful for when users resize the Wall too small. This value should never be below 1.


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