Finding your GraffitiSuite Version

Release 30+

Release 30 and beyond stores the version information in a Constant of each GraffitiSuite class/window/module/container/etc. This constant is named GraffitiSuiteVersion, and will have a value such as R30 for final releases, R30A1 for alpha releases, R30B1 for betas, and R30RC1 for release candidates.

You may also find the VersionTracker local copy of the change logs for Desktop and Web in the root of the ZIP archive.

Before Release 30

Prior to Release 30, then only way to tell which version of GraffitiSuite you were using was to follow these steps:

  1. Open the downloaded demo project
  2. Expand the App object
  3. Expand Notes
  4. Select ChangeLog
  5. The first line is the version number.