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-====== Adding the Classes ====== 
-Once you have opened the downloaded demo project, find the class or classes you wish to copy to your project and copy them. 
-Now paste the class(es) in to your destination project. 
-Setting up your Session 
-GraffitiSuite Web Edition now requires that a property be added to your Session object. This property allows each GraffitiSuite Web product to track how many instances of itself are open, and keep from unregistering needed scripts. 
-Right-click the Session object and select Add to Session > Property. 
-Ensure the new property is public and is defined as: 
-GraffitiSuiteInstances as Dictionary 
-Adding the Build Step 
-Each platform you intend to target now requires a build step for ALL classes (as of Release 21). 
-Begin by right-clicking the left-hand navigator and selecting Build Step > Copy Files. 
-Drag your new build step on to the platform you wish to target, then drag it once again to just below “Build” and give it a unique name. 
-Setting up the Build Step 
-Ensure that your new build steps settings are as follows: 
-Applies to: “Both” 
-Subdirectory: “” (Leave this field blank) 
-Destination: “App Parent Folder” 
-Now navigate to the demo project directory, and drag the scripts directory to the file list in the center pane of the Xojo IDE 
-That’s it! 
-Now all that’s left is to add the classes to your WebPages and write your code!