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-====== Adding the Classes ======+==== Extract the Archive ==== 
 +Your first step is to extract the archive. We generally advise people to extract this to a project-specific directory rather than a directory they'll use for all projects, as changes in GraffitiSuite might break things in other projects where you've not actively intended to update to a new version.
-Once you have opened the downloaded demo project, find the class or classes you wish to copy to your project and copy them. +==== Adding to Your Project ==== 
-{{ ::gswebcopyclass-300x174_1_.png?nolink |}} +<html><video width="800" heigh="600"
- +<source src="https://graffitisuite.com/gsweb_gettingstarted.webm"> 
-Now paste the class(es) in to your destination project. +</video> 
-{{ :gswebbuildsteppos_1_.png?nolink |}} +</html>
- +
-====== Setting up your Session ====== +
-GraffitiSuite Web Edition now requires that a property be added to your Session object. This property allows each GraffitiSuite Web product to track how many instances of itself are open, and keep from unregistering needed scripts. +
-Right-click the Session object and select Add to Session Property. +
-{{ :gswebaddsessionprop-300x245_1_.png?nolink |}} +
- +
-Ensure the new property is public and is defined as: +
- +
-GraffitiSuiteInstances as Dictionary +
-gswebaddsessionpropdef +
- +
-====== Adding the Build Step ====== +
-Each platform you intend to target now requires a build step for ALL classes (as of Release 21)+
- +
-Begin by right-clicking the left-hand navigator and selecting Build Step Copy Files. +
-gswebbuildstep +
- +
-Drag your new build step on to the platform you wish to target, then drag it once again to just below “Build” and give it a unique name. +
-gswebbuildsteppos +
- +
-====== Setting up the Build Step ====== +
-Ensure that your new build steps settings are as follows: +
-Applies to: “Both” +
-Subdirectory: “” (Leave this field blank) +
-Destination: “App Parent Folder” +
-gswebbuildstepdef +
- +
-====== Finally ====== +
-Now navigate to the demo project directory, and drag the scripts directory to the file list in the center pane of the Xojo IDE +
-gswebbuildstepdrag +
 That’s it! That’s it!
 Now all that’s left is to add the classes to your WebPages and write your code! Now all that’s left is to add the classes to your WebPages and write your code!