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-====== GraffitiSuite Documentation ====== +==== GraffitiSuite Documentation ==== 
- +**[[xojoapi2|Xojo API 2.0 Guidance]]**\\ 
-===== Getting Started ===== +**[[general:versionnumber|Finding Your Version Number]]**\\ 
-[[getting_started_desktop|Desktop Edition]]\\ +[[changelogs:index|Change Logs]]\\ 
-[[getting_started_web|Web Edition]] +[[desktop:index|Desktop Edition]]\\ 
 +[[web:index|Web Edition]]\\ 
 +[[supplement:index|Supplemental Packages]]\\ 
 +[[xojo:index|Xojo Help]]\\ 
 +[[https://graffitisuite.com/wiki/doku.php?do=recent&id=start&show_changes=pages|Recent Changes to Documentation]]