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Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
This class does not expose any events.


Definition Description
Constructor( colID as String, colTitle as String ) Creates an instance of this class with the parameters as property values.


Name Type Default Value Description
ContextMenu GraffitiMenuItem Nil Enables the automatic display of already configured and added GraffitiMenuItems instances without a round-trip to the server
DecimalPlacesMax Integer 4 Applies only to columns with FormatType and EditType = Double or Currency.
DecimalPlacesMin Integer 0 Applies only to columns with FormatType and EditType = Double or Currency.
Editor GraffitiWebGrid.EditTypes None Determines the editor type to be used. See EditTypes Enumeration of GraffitiWebGrid.
EditorButtonCaption String “” Caption to display in the button of the EditTypes.TextWithButton editor. Supports FontAwesome icons in the format <fas fa-search>
EditorButtonIndicator WebUIControl.Indicators Default Bootstrap indicator to apply to the button of an editor that possesses one.
EditorButtonTooltip String “” Tooltip to display when the user hovers their mouse over the button of an editor that possesses one.
EditorFieldReadOnly Boolean False When True and column is of type EditTypes.TextWithButton, the text field will be read only.
Focusable Boolean True Determines whether this column’s cells will accept focus.
Formatter GraffitiWebGrid.FormatTypes Text Determines how the values for this column are formatted for display.
FormatterJavaScript String “” JavaScript function used to format cell values when Formatter = FormatTypes.JavaScript.
HeaderStyle WebStyle Nil Overrides the default style and the StyleHeader property of the containing Grid.
ID String “” The identifier for the column’s values. Values should be alphanumeric with no special characters such as underscore(_) or hyphen(-), and are case-sensitive. This should not be changed outside the Constructor. Spaces are also disallowed. Should not contain only a number or start with a number.
IntegerValueMax Integer 100 Maximum value allowed in the Integer editor.
IntegerValueMin Integer 0 Minimum value allowed in the Integer editor. Negative numbers are supported.
MaxWidth Integer 0 The maximum width this column can have within the display.
MinWidth Integer 0 The minimum width this column can have within the display.
PercentScale GraffitiGridPercentScale Nil GraffitiGridPercentScale object that is applied to cell values when using FormatTypes.Percentage.
PopupMenuAllowEmpty Boolean False When True, the PopupMenu editor must have a valid selection.
PopupMenuPlaceholder String “” The placeholder text for the PopupMenu editor.
PopupMenuValue() String Empty Array Possible values for the user to select in the PopupMenu editor.
ProgressAnimated Boolean False When True, the Progress formatter will animated its value. Note that this will have no effect if ProgressStriped = False.
ProgressStriped Boolean False When True, the progress value will have stripes drawn across its face.
Resizeable Boolean False Determines whether this column can be resized.
Selectable Boolean False Determines whether this column can be selected by clicking the header.
Sortable Boolean True Determines whether the user can sort the rows by clicking this column's header.
SortDirection ReadOnly GraffitiWebGrid.SortDirections None Returns the current sort direction value.
Style WebStyle Nil Style applied to row cells in this column. Overrides everything except for style specified by AddCellStyle.
Tag Variant Nil Use for storing things like your database field key. This value has no functional application beyond being used for your reference.
Title String “” The displayed title for the column in the header.
Tooltip String “” The tip text displayed when the mouse hovers over the column header.
Visible Boolean True The current visible state of the column.
Width Integer 0 The width for the column.
WidthType WidthTypes Pixels Determines whether the Width property will be interpreted as a pixel value or a percentage.
ZeroValueOverride String “” String to display when Double or Currency cell values are equal to 0.0. Leave empty to display actual value.



To style the header, you can make use of GraffitiStyles to achieve the desired effect. To center text in the column header, you can use the following:

var gridColumnCenter as GraffitiStyle = GraffitiStyle.Create( Session, "gridColumnCenter", "text-align:center;justify-content:center" )
myColumn.HeaderStyle = gridColumnCenter

To style all of the row cells in a column, you can assign the gridColumnCenter object as defined above to the Style property of the column:

myColumn.Style = gridColumnCenter

One important note is that row cells use flexbox. This means that you'll need to use the justify-content CSS attribute to center text, and other changes may need flexbox-specific attributes.

To right-align text in cells, you'll need to use the flex-end value of the justify-content CSS attribute, like so:

var gridColumnRight as GraffitiStyle = GraffitiStyle.Create( Session, "gridColumnRight", "text-align:right;justify-content:flex-end" )