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This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
HeaderCollapsed( CollapsedItem as GraffitiWebAccordionnavItem ) This event is fired when an accordion section is collapsed.
HeaderExpanded( ExpandedItem as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem ) This event is fired when an accordion section is expanded.


Definition Description
AddItem( newItem as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem ) Adds a new accordion section to the control and updates the display.
CollapseItem( theItem as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem ) Collapses the specified item.
CollapseAll() Collapses all currently expanded items.
Expand( theItem as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem, CollapseOthers as Boolean = False ) Expanded the selected item.
ExpandAll() Expands all items.
ExpandedItems() As Integer Returns a count of currently expanded items.
FindItem( ItemText as String ) as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem Searches through the array of child items looking for a caption of ItemText.
GetParent( ofItem as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem ) as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem Returns the parent of the specified item.
Item(itemIndex as Integer) as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem Returns the item at the specified index.
ItemCount() as Integer Returns the number of top-level items currently in the accordion.
RemoveAll() Removes all items from the display.
RemoveAll(fromItem as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem) Removes all children of fromItem from the display.
RemoveItem( ItemText as String ) Searches through the array of child items to remove the section or item with the matching caption and updates the display. This also removes any children of the specified item.
UpdateIcon( theItem as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem, newIcon as String ) Updated the icon of the specified item.
UpdateNotification(theItem as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem, newCount as Integer) Updates the badge count for the specified item. -1 removes the badge.
UpdateText(theItem as GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem, newText as String ) Updates the text of the specified item.


Name Type Default Value Description
ChildRowHeight Integer 24 Height of child rows in pixels.
ExpandedItem ReadOnly GraffitiWebAccordionNavItem Nil Currently expanded item.
HeaderRowHeight Integer 24 Height of header rows in pixels.
StyleHeaderActive WebStyle Nil WebStyle applied to active header rows.
StyleHeaderInactive WebStyle Nil WebStyle applied to inactive header rows.
StyleItemClicked WebStyle Nil WebStyle applied to clicked items.
StyleItems WebStyle Nil WebStyle applied to all items.


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