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Name Type Default Value Description
AdClient String “” Your AdSense client code.
AdSlot String “” Your AdSense slot code.
AutoFormat Boolean True If True AdSense will automatically try to find the best ad format for the control's dimensions.
TestMode Boolean False If True clicks will not be processed by Google.


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AdSense Policies

Among other things, AdSense has a limitation of 3 ads per page. In Xojo, this may translate to a limit of 3 ads per app. This has not been tested nor inquired about. As such, use your ads in a common area. GraffitiSuite cannot be held responsible if your over-monetization leads to an AdSense account ban. Each developer must decide how best to implement AdSense in their app.

Debug Build

Debug builds automatically display ads in test mode. This should keep your AdSense account from being flagged if you click on the ads too much, but handle with care while testing.


AdSense will not display ads when viewing your app using the “” IP address as the app url. When testing AdSense support, you should access your app in debug using “localhost”.

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