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Constructor( msgName as String, msgContent as String )
Constructor( msgName as String, msgContent as String, msgType as GraffitiWebAlert.MessageTypes )
Constrcutor( msgName as String, msgContent as String,msgType as GraffitiWebAlert.MessageTypes, msgTheme as GraffitiWebAlert.MessageThemes, msgTimeout as Integer, msgPosition as GraffitiWebAlert.MessagePositions, msgProgressbar as Boolean = True )


Name Type Default Value Description
Buttons() GraffitiWebAlertButton Nil Buttons to be displayed on the Alert.
CloseButton Boolean False If True a close button will be displayed to allow users to dismiss the alert.
Content String “” The content of the alert.
ContentContainer WebContainer Nil The WebContainer to embed within the alert. The container must be loaded in the browser using EmbedWithin first.
Icon String “” The FontAwesome 5 Icon identifier for the alert, IE: fas fa-times
Modal Boolean False If True clicks outside the alert will be ignored.
Name String “” A unique name provided to the alert for identification purposes. If two alerts have the same name and you try to show Alert2 while Alert1 is visible, Alert2 will never be shown as it is viewed as duplicate. This should contain no spaces or other special characters. _ or - are acceptable.
Position GraffitiWebAlert.MessagePositions Top The position of the alert within the browser window.
Progressbar Boolean True Displays a progressbar that counts down with the Timeout property.
Style WebStyle Nil Custom WebStyle for altering the appearance of the alert.
Theme GraffitiWebAlert.MessageThemes Bootstrap3 Theme to apply the alert.
Timeout Integer 10000 How long the alert will be visible on the screen. A value of 0 disables the automatic dismissal.


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