Name Values
FaceStyle Default


Name Type Value

This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
Action() Fired when the user clicks the button, or presses SPACE, RETURN, or ENTER while the button has focus.
GotFocus() The button received focus.
LostFocus() The button lost focus.
MouseEnter() The mouse entered the button's drawable area.
MouseExit() The mouse has left the button's drawable area.


Definition Description
This class exposes no methods.


Name Type Default Value Description
Accented Boolean False An alternate color styling.
AutoDisable Boolean False When True, clicking will disable the button before sending data back to the server. Must be re-enabled manually. Used to prevent extraneous clicks.
Caption String “” The text of the button.
Colored Boolean False Determines whether the button will use the Overrides.
FaceStyle GraffitiButton.FaceStyles GraffitiButton.FaceStyles.Default Style of button.
IconObject Picture Nil Allows the use of a Xojo picture object.
IconObjectHeight Integer 0
IconObjectWidth Integer 0
OverrideBGColor String “” Assign a specific background color. (Reference)
OverrideTextColor String “” Assign a specific textcolor.(Reference)
Ripple Boolean Whether clicking on the button results in a ripple across the face of the button.
TextStyle WebStyle The style of the button's caption.


Disabled Styling

Due to lack of support for the :disabled pseudo selector in Xojo WebStyles, when setting Disabled you should also take in to consideration how you want the control to display. If you are using custom WebStyles or IconObject properties, you should modify these when changing the Enabled property of the component for a consistent user experience.


FontAwesome Icons

To include FontAwesome icons in your button caption, you should use the FontAwesome identifiers inside angled brackets. For example:

<fa fa-camera> Untitled
IconObject Support

To include the IconObject value in your button caption, use the icon tag in your caption. For example:

<icon> Untitled