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Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
SizeDefault Integer 0
SizeExtraSmall Integer 3
SizeLarge Integer 1
SizeSmall Integer 2


Definition Description
SelectionChange( theButton as GraffitiWebSegmentButton ) Fires when a button is selected or deselected.


Definition Description
AddButton( newButton as GraffitiWebSegmentButton ) Add a new button to the Segment.
Button( index as Integer ) Returns the button at the specified index.
Button( ID as String ) Returns the button matching the specified ID.
Count() as Integer Returns the number of items currently in the display.
DeselectAll() Deselects all segment buttons.
RemoveButton( ButtonID as String ) Removes a button from the control.
RemoveButton( intIndex as Integer )
SelectAll() Selects all buttons.


Name Type Default Value Description
FullWidth Boolean False If True all buttons will expand to fill the display, ignoring the assigned SegmentSize.
SegmentSize Integer 0 The size of the button segments, matching the class's constants.
SelectedStyle WebStyle Nil The WebStyle to apply to selected buttons.
Toggle Boolean False Determines whether the buttons should be toggleable.
Value GraffitiWebSegmentButton Nil The currently selected GraffitiWebSegmentButton. Not for use when Toggle = true.


Selecting a Button

With the introduction of the GraffitiUpdateInterface, changes to button objects are now properly reflected in the display. As such, supporting methods are now either private or removed entirely.

With the new method, code to select a button should look like this:

dim myButton as GraffitiWebSegmentButton = myButtonSegment.Button(0).Value = True