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Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
This class exposes no events.


Definition Description

This class does not expose any methods.


Name Type Default Value Description
AllDay Boolean False Does this event last the entire day?
BackgroundColor Color &c3a87ad The background color of the event or series.
BorderColor Color &c3a87ad The border color of the event or series.
CanMove Boolean True Determines if the event can be moved by dragging.
CanResize Boolean True Determines if the event can be resized.
Description String “” A description of the event.
EndDate Date Nil The end date of the event.
ID Integer 0(Read-Only) The display ID of the event. This property should not be modified.
Location String The location where this event will take place (IE: “Joe's Country Kitchen”).
RepeatFrequency Integer -1 The frequency in which the event should repeat.
RepeatPeriod Integer 1 The period of the repeat.
StartDate Date Nil The beginning date/time for the event.
TextColor Color &cFFFFFF The text color used to display the event.
Title String “” The title for the event (IE: “Meeting With Joe”).


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