Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
PositionBottomLeft Integer 0
PositionBottomRight Integer 1
PositionTopLeft Integer 2
PositionTopRight Integer 3
SelectorHue Integer 0
SelectorBrightness Integer 1
SelectorSaturation Integer 2
SelectorWheel Integer


Definition Description
ValueChange() This event is fired when the color value has changed.


Definition Description
This class does not expose any methods.


Name Type Default Value Description
ColorValue Color Nil Returns the value of the ColorPicker as a Color object.
HexValue String “” Returns the value of the ColorPicker in HTML HEX format (IE: #FFFFFF).
Inline Boolean False If True, the colorpicker will be displayed inline, as opposed to showing a small control with the value that the user clicks on to pop up the selector.
Position Integer 0 If Inline = False, the position relative to the display which the pop up will be shown.
Selector Integer 0 The selection mode used, either inline or for the popup.
ShowOpacity Boolean True Whether the use should be able to select the opacity of the color value.


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