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This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
This class exposes no events.


Definition Description
Constructor( ItemID as String, ItemCaption as String, ItemIcon as String, ItemDisabled as Boolean = False, ItemAccessKey as String = “” ) Creates an instance of the class with the parameters as property values.
Constructor( MenuID as String )
Constructor( Separator as Boolean )
ItemAt( itemIndex as Integer ) Returns the child item at the specified index.
ItemLastIndex() As Integer Returns the maximum child index.


Name Type Default Value Description
AccessKey String “” Character which, when pressed, will cause the menu to fire a click on this item.
Caption String “” Text of the menu item.
Children() GraffitiWebContextMenuItem Nil Children to be displayed as a sub-menu.
Disabled Boolean False If true, the item will display disabled and will not accept keystrokes or clicks.
Icon String “” FontAwesome icon name to display.
ID String “” ID for determining which item was clicked.
IsSeparator Boolean False If true, the item will display as a separator with no text or icon.
Style WebStyle Nil Applies the supplied WebStyle to this ContextMenuItem.


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