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This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
TextChanged() This event is fired when the text of the field is changed (IE: when a date or range is selected in the popup).


Definition Description
This class does not expose any methods.


Name Type Default Value Description
BracketNegatives String “” Determines the display format of negative numbers:
CurrencySymbol String “” The symbol displayed for the currency such as:
DecimalChar String “.” The character used to denote the decimal position.
DecimalPlaces Integer 2 Number of decimal places to display.
DisplayEmpty String “empty” What to display when there is not numeric value in the field: empty, zero, sign
GroupCount Integer 3 Amount of numbers in each group, separated by the ThousandsSep.
MaximumValue Double 9999999999.99 The maximum possible value the field allows.
MinimumValue Double -9999999999.99 The minimum possible value the field allows.
PadDecimal Boolean False Determines whether the decimal places will always be shown regardless of whether there is any decimal value to display.
ReadOnly Boolean False When True the user cannot edit the display, but the control appears enabled.
RoundingStyle String “S” S = Round Half Up Symmetrical
A = Round Half Up Asymmetrical
s = Round Half Down Symmetrical
a = Round Half Down Asymmetrical
B = Round Half Even
U = Round Up
D = Round Down
C = Round to Ceiling
F = Round to Floor
SymbolPlacement String “p” Determines placement of the currency symbol:
p = Prefix
s = Suffix
Text Read-Only String “” Returns the current formatted value in the display.
ThousandsSep String “,” The character used for separating groups of thousands.
Value Double 0 The double value of the display.


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