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Name Values
This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
Normal Integer 0
Large Integer 1
TwoX Integer 2
ThreeX Integer 3
FourX Integer 4
FiveX Integer 5


Definition Description
Action() Raised when the user clicks on the GraffitiWebFontAwesomeInstance
MouseEnter() Raised when the user's cursor enters the control's display area.
MouseLeave() Raised when the user's cursor exits the control's display area.


Definition Description
ApplyTo( ToObject as WebControl, IconClass as String, IconSize as Integer ) Applies FontAwesome classes to the object specified by ToObject.


Name Type Default Value Description
IconName String “” An icon class name according to those available in the FontAwesome font. These can either be seen in the demo list, or at the FontAwesome Cheat Sheet.
IconSize Integer 0 The size of icon to display, corresponding to the values in the constants.


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