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This class exposes no enumerations.


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This class exposes no constants.


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This class does not expose any events.


Definition Description
Constructor( rowCells as Dictionary, isEnabled as Boolean = True, rowTag as Variant = nil ) Creates an instance of this class with the parameters as property values.
Cell( Column as GraffitiWebGridColumn ) as Variant Returns the row's value for the defined column.
Cell( Column as GraffitiWebGridColumn, Assigns Value as Variant ) Sets row's value for the defined column. Should be used as myRow.Cell( myColumn ) = newValue


Name Type Default Value Description
Cells Read-Only Dictionary Empty Dictionary The columns values contained within the row. This exposed to make enumeration for things like output more accessible.
Children Read-Only Array of GraffitiWebGridRow Empty Array Contains the children of this row in the display. Children should be added and removed via the AddChild and RemoveChild methods of the Grid.
ColSpanField GraffitiWebGridColumn Nil The column to apply the span to. Only one ColSpan per row is supported.
ColSpanLength Integer 1 The number of columns to span with the value specified in ColSpanField.
Enabled Boolean True Determines whether this row's cells will be editable when AutoEdit = True
Expanded Boolean False Determines the expansion state of this child in Tree mode.
ID Read-Only String “” This is automatically generated by the Grid and should never be altered.
Indent Integer 0 This is automatically generated by the Grid and should never be altered.
Parent Read-Only GraffitiWebGridRow Nil The parent of this row. This is automatically generated by the Grid and should never be altered.
Selected Boolean False True when the row is selected, False when not. Setting this value directly will update the Grid's selection.
Style WebStyle Nil Style applied to cells in this row. Overrides everything except for style specified by AddCellStyle.
Tag Variant Nil Use for storing things like your database field key. This value has no functional application beyond being used for your reference.


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