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This class exposes no enumerations.


Name Type Value
This class exposes no constants.


Definition Description
This class does not expose any events.


Definition Description
Constructor( colID as String, colName as String, colField as String ) Creates an instance of this class with the parameters as property values.


Name Type Default Value Description
EditType Integer 0 Determines the editor type to be used. See EditType constants of GraffitiWebGrid.
Field String “” An identifier for the column’s field. An alphanumeric string that allows underscores or hyphens, usually mimicing database design.
Focusable Boolean True Determines whether this column’s cells will accept focus.
ID String “” The identifier for the column’s values. Values should be alphanumeric with no special characters such as underscore(_) or hyphen(-)
MaxWidth Integer 0 The maximum width this column can have within the display.
MinWidth Integer 0 The minimum width this column can have within the display.
Name String “” The displayed title for the column in the header.
Resizeable Boolean False Determines whether this column can be resized.
Selectable Boolean False Determines whether this column can be selected by clicking the header.
Tooltip String “” The tip text displayed when the mouse hovers over the column header.
Visible Boolean True The current visible state of the column. This should not be modified outside of the ShowColumn and HideColumn methods of the grid.
Width Integer 0 The starting width for the column. This is ignored if columns are set to autofit.


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