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This class exposes no enumerations.


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This class exposes no constants.


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This class exposes no events.


Definition Description
Constructor( theContainer as WebControl, initSize as Integer = 0, SizeMin as Integer = 50, SizeMax as Integer = 0, IsClosable as Boolean = true, IsResizable as Boolean = True, IsSlidable as Boolean = True, IsHidden as Boolean = False, IsClosed as Boolean = False, CanOverflow as Boolean = False, PercentSize as Boolean = False ) Constructs an instance of this class with the parameters as property values.


Name Type Default Value Description
AllowOverflow Boolean False Allow the contents to spill from the pane.
Closable Boolean False Panel can be closed.
ContainerPanel WebControl Nil The WebControl you wish to embed.
IFrame WebControl Nil The HTMLViewer you wish to embed.
InitialClosed Boolean False On load, this panel should be closed if True.
InitialHidden Boolean False On load, this panel should not be displayed if True.
InitialSize Integer 0 The size of the panel.
MaxSize Integer 0 Maximum size of the panel. If 0, no maximum size will be applied.
MinSize Integer 50 Minimum size of the panel.
Resizable Boolean True If the panel can be resized.
SizePercentage Boolean False If the InitialSize, MinSize, and MaxSize properties are in percentage of the layout's size.
Slidable Boolean True If true, this panel may be slid from view.


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