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Definition Description
Choice( choiceValue as Integer ) as String Returns the caption of the specified choice.
Constructor( QuestionCaption as String, AnswerChoices() as String, DefaultValue as Integer = -1 ) Creates a new instance of the class.
Count() as Integer Returns the number of choices available to the user.


Name Type Default Value Description
BackgroundStyle GraffitiWebLikert.BGStyles Light Background color of the question's display area.
BorderStyle GraffitiWebLikert.BorderStyles Dark Border color applied to the question's display area.
BorderType GraffitiWebLikert.BorderTypes None Border applied to the question's display area.
Caption String “” Caption of the question.
CaptionAlignment GraffitiWebLikert.Alignments Left Alignment of the caption within the question's display area.
TextStyle GraffitiWebLikert.TextStyles Dark Color applied to the question's text sections.
Value Integer Value of the currently selected response. -1 if there is no selection.


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